How does ListingPro Search Filter Works?

There are THREE different options to filter and narrow search results that appear on the archive page.

  1. Primary Filter Options (Theme Options)
  2. Secondary Filter Options (Listing Features)
  3. Additional Filter Options (Custom Form Fields)
  4. How Does Near Me Filter Works

1. Primary Filter Options (Theme Options)

The primary filter options are displayed by default without selecting a category. These options can be enabled or disabled from Theme options.


Go to Theme Options > Advanced Filter and Enable or Disable from the available options.


2. Secondary Filter Options (Listing Features)

The secondary filter option is Listing Features (Amenities) which are displayed when a category or sub-category is selected. All the Listing Features associated with a category or sub-category are shown in the filter.

For more information read What are Listing Features? 

3. Additional Filter Options (Custom Form Fields)

The third filter option is Additional Filter Options (Custom Form Fields) which can show with or without a category is selected. When creating a Custom field you may choose to associate it with a category or not. You may also choose to show in the custom field in the filter or not.


Adding custom fields to Search filter

STEP 1: Go to Theme Options > Advanced Filter and enable Additional Filter options


STEP 2: Go to Listings > Form Fields

STEP 3: Click Add New Field and enter a title (Example: Parking).

STEP 4: Select a Field Type (All fields types show in search filter except for Text field type)

Select Exclusive from Categories if you want this custom field as global and not associated with specific category. 

STEP 5:  Select all categories that apply.

STEP 6:  Under Show in Filter, Select Yes and click Publish

If you do not select YES, the custom field will only appear in the front-end listing form submission and the output will be displayed on the listing details page. 

4. How Does Near Me Filter Works

Near Me Feature Theme Option Setting (Back-end)

Near Me Feature in Action (Front-end)

Near Me is a search filter which is available in the search filter page. Near Me Works with GEO IP location and get the nearest locations dynamically based on the current location.

How to Enable Near Me

By default, Near Me filter option is disabled. To activate see steps below:

Step 1: Go to Theme Options > Search Filter Options

Step 2: Find the Near Me option and click on Enabled

Step 2: Click Save Changes

Near Me Options

In the Near Me options page there are 4 options available to configure.

Near me

This option is available to enable or disable Near Me option. Once enabled Near Me filter will be displayed in the search filter page. If you disable the toggle Near me will be hidden from the search filter page.

Destination In

Under the Destination In option, there are two options available. (Kilometers/Miles). You can set your preferred method how you want to filter search results. If you want to allow listing filters by Kilometers then choose Kilometers. If you want to allow listing filters by Miles then choose Miles.

Min Range

You can set the minimum range (Numerical Value) for the Min Range field as a minimum filter range. For example, if you set 5 with Destination In (Kilometers) then visitors will be only able to filter listings starting from 5 kilometers to Max range.

Max Range

You can set the maximum range (Numerical Value) for the Max Range field as a maximum filter range. For example, if you set 1000 with Destination In (Kilometers) then visitors will be only able to filter listings up to 1000 kilometers range.

How Does Near Me Work on the Frontend

When you click on the Near Me option in the frontend it will ask your location. Click to allow for analyzing your location. After allowing location you can easily filter listings based in the minimum and maximum range (As per the configuration defined in the backend).


To fully work with Near me and Nearby, it’s necessary that your directory is already running with SSL enabled and all URL paths were converted to HTTPS. For more details, please read the related article below.

Unable to activate license

We have recently updated our Activation process and we have seen some common scenarios where users are unable to activate ListingPro license.



I installed the ListingPro theme and tried to activate it using the activation code. But once I enter the purchase code, and select (Live or Test site), the Activate button does not enable and stays grayed out. It also says the code is invalid.


It’s just the SSL configurations issue due to which ListingPro CC (Command Center) styling CSS files are not loading. You need to install an SSL plugin (Really Simple SSL) on your site to resolve this issue.

The ListingPro CC should look like the following if the CSS style file is loading correctly.




I update the theme to the new version. But when I enter the Purchase Code, it says my purchase code is invalid.


The “purchase code is invalid” error usually occurs when you just update the ListingPro theme only. You must always also update all the ListingPro plugins when you update the Theme. For instructions on how to update the ListingPro Plugins and the Theme please read this article.

When I bulk import Google Addresses, the Map does not display?


We use the reverse geocoding technique in our theme that when you import listing with accurate and exact Google addresses, you are not required to include the latitudes and the longitudes. But after importing the data you need to visit the archive page to allow the system to automatically get the latitude and longitude for that address. Then only the maps will show properly.

If the google geocoding service is not getting lat and long from the Google address it means the function file_get_content is not working on your site due to which it does not get latitude and longitude of Google address. Contact and verify with your hosting company if file_get_content is enabled on your server. If this function is not enabled then the Lat/Long will not work.

For shared hosting users

Due to Google maps and geocoding APIs have a specific number of requests limit per day/per second and per IP address for Free, shared hosting users will also run into an issue because shared hostings only have a single IP address that is shared with multiple users and due to which Google Maps APIs will reach its limits very quick. It’s a common issue and has been discussed on many forums that people with shared hostings have issues with geocoding.

Alternate for batch GeoCoding

Only for those users who are using shared hosting or have hit a Google API limit, you can opt for other external services. Google for “batch geocode” and you may find free and paid services.

How to change ListingPro default contact form to WPForms


We have successfully tested both WPForms Lite and WPForms Pro version with ListingPro.

We recommend using WPForms Lite or WPForms Pro version if you are getting a lot of spam through your contact form or you would like to completely customize your contact us form.

Please follow the instructions below

STEP 1: Install and activate WPForms Lite or Pro

STEP 2: Click Create Your First Form

STEP 3: Give it a name (example: Contact Form) and then click Create a Simple Contact Form.


STEP 4: Make any changes to the simple contact form and click SAVE


STEP 5: Verify changes and click EMBED


STEP 6: copy the SHORTCODE.


STEP 7: Close and go back to WP Admin

STEP 8: Go to Theme Options > Contact Page

STEP 9: Under Contact Page select Form


STEP 10: Under Contact Page Provider select WPForms Lite 


STEP 11: Paste the SHORTCODE copied in STEP 6 from WPForm

STEP 11: Click Save Changes 

STEP 11: Click Save Changes and now check your new contact us form on the frontend.

Enjoy! You are all set.

What should I do if my support expired?

We get this a lot and we know how important it’s for our users that they don’t feel they are without help when their support expired, so here are some options you may consider.

Option 1:  Join ListingPro’s Official Facebook Community

The first thing it’s absolutely FREE! By joining our official Facebook Community with our 1000+ members you can post your questions and get help from 100s of active members who love to help.

Request to join


Option 2:  If you are trying to just report a bug?

First, make sure you have the latest version of ListingPro running by visiting our update logs page. Then if you think the bug is in the latest version then you may report it by filling out the following form.
Please do not submit feature request or improvements.

Report a bug


Option 3:  If you would like to renew support

When you purchase ListingPro you get 6 months of Free Support. You do have an option to get extended support for an additional 6 months for a discounted price so you are good for 12 months.

This sounds all good but once the support expired people come and ask us why should I renew the support license. We highly recommend you to renew the support license if you would like to get help directly from our expert support team.

Learn how to