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Please read the instructions below very carefully before requesting for a feature.

Only after carefully reviewing each feature in the feature bucket, we will consider to develope. Just by adding at the features bucket doesn’t mean it’s being worked on unless it’s specified. Just getting the highest number of votes on a feature also doesn’t mean that it’s for sure going to be developed. We have our own metrics and criteria for any feature to be selected for development. 

How does it work behind the scenes?

It isn’t a simple task to simply pick up the most voted feature and the most desirable by our users.
All the process takes time to validate the idea in a proper ambiance and also we need to make sure that every new feature should work for all of our users.

Also, going further, we also take a lot of tests to identify issues and some bugs that may occur during the development. Yeah! We also make development tests as well! Even though going through these tests we still face some issues due to “a variety of possibilities that may not work for certain users and in order to get a step further and implement even more features into ListingPro Core, we’re constantly working hard to keep a good code quality.

That’s why some of the most amazing ideas which require a lot of work from scratch is a process that requires time, and we don’t skip any of our quality insurance.

How can I help the Team with my ideas?

First by avoiding duplicate submission. All duplicates will be deleted without notice.

First and foremost, explain in details every of your idea into steps. if necessary you can include a list of the process

  • write your ideas as a list
  • explaining step by step

and make sure that your idea is unique compared to the others. If you find a particular feature being requested and one of these ideas compete with what you were searching for, it’s recommended to share your thoughts in the comments within this thread instead of creating another one.

Also voting for features and participating along with users, it’s a good benefit for both sides. We’re also watching some of users requests, some of their worries as well as expectations of such feature to be included for certain types of niches. So, it also helps us to create our Roadmap and certify that those features will certainly be approved and planned for development.

Please bear in mind that unfortunately, some features don’t fit for the purpose of collectivity, we cannot implement such specific feature to be worked as globally into our core modules.
Features that benefit the majority of users, as well as the goal of ListingPro as a Directory Solution, will be highly appreciated and have more chances to be included in our roadmap.


You must first check to make sure the feature you want to request is unique. If you submit a duplicate feature request it will be deleted without any notice. Creating a duplicate doesn’t mean it will get more attention. Instead, it will be simply deleted along with all the votes that have been collected. So, use the feature request tool wisely by up voting on the feature request that already exists and only creates a new one if it doesn’t already exist.

Every feature post must have a descriptive title with a detailed explanation. Adding screenshots is recommended but not required.

I agree to the above terms and conditions by clicking this button to request a feature.


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