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The article covers the following key points:

Creating Sticky Menu
Changing Sticky Menu Style

To create a sticky scrolling menu bar please follow the steps:

Creating Sticky Menu

STEP 1: Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and search the keyword ”myStickymenu”.

STEP 2: Go to Settings > myStickyenu

STEP 3: Now in the myStickymenu Settings page you have to enter the class name inside of the ”Sticky Class’‘ field. To find the navigation menubar class name open the homepage of your website and click on inspect element.

STEP 4: Find and copy the correct CSS class name of your website’s menubar.

STEP 5: Not go to the myStickymenu settings page and enter the copied CSS class name inside of the ”Sticky Class” field.

NOTE: It’s important to enter # sign before adding the class name. Example CSS class name: #menu-main

STEP 6: Configure other settings if required and click on Save Changes. Now reload the homepage and check the menubar is ready to scroll as Sticky.

Changing Sticky Menu Style

If you want to change the style of the Sticky menu, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: In the myStickymenu settings page click on Style tab.
STEP 2: Go to the CSS style field and change the CSS codes as per your needs.

NOTE: Please note that the myStickymenu plugin is a 3rd party plugin and officially not supported.

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