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When there is a featured planned or being worked on, the status will most likely be changed in the Feature Bucket.

If you monitor the Feature Bucket closely you will see the status changing time to time on features that are planned or being worked.


We’re highly recommending our users to stick with us, planning the future of ListingPro. Participating on our Feature Bucket Page, sending comments, voting upon existing requests, and stay tuned for notifications and upcoming releases.

The roadmap is the most crucial part of the ListingPro development. At this stage, we’re collecting many hypotheses and scenarios, getting ready to fetching all the possible feature, the behavior, conditions and finding a better place to conclude the final solution.

The roadmap is really important, the whole team gets united concentrating between long hours of meeting in order to identify any missing obstacle and sharing those important scenarios with our engineers, back-end, front-end developers with the final structure that the team has identified as a better solution to implement such features.

We invite you to be part and take this experience with us by sending your ideas on our Feature Bucket Page.
If you want to know more about how to request a feature and share your ideas, you can click on the button below.


How to request a feature?



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