The following terms and policies were created to fully attend all the benefits and its qualities that we shall follow throughout our community.

About ListingPro Community

This community was created with the purpose to strength users ideas where each one of yours can help, participate and create promising partnerships between directories worldwide.

Terms & Policies

  • Users are allowed to ask questions about marketing, plugins, and strategic ideas to enhance its directories.
  • Users are allowed to share third-party platforms such as email marketing, hosting, cloud servers, domains and others with the intention of helping the community grow.
  • Users can also share best practices to boost its directories, as well as ask for doubts on some aspects that others may have found a better solution.
  • Users can share their directories details, such as links, images as necessary.


  • Users are not allowed to share download links, of any type of file.
  • Users are not allowed to share other themes whether it be by comparisons, advertisement etc.
  • Users are not allowed to share support ticket.
  • Users are not allowed to complain about delays in response to their support tickets.

The administrators of the community are not responsible for:

  • The third-party plugins nor the platforms used in conjunction with ListingPro.
  • The ideas and best practices used for other users, including issues, SEO ideas, and others.
  • The partnership and all its legal process regarding each owner’s directories.
  • The contact made through the inbox and any confidential details such as phone number, emails, and others.

All the details collected by ListingPro Community remains as private for internal use only.

We do not distribute any of our active users’ details and if necessary, users can opt-in to unsubscribe ListingPro from their email list at any time.

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