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What Third-Party plugins are supported?
Third-party plugins that are included (License: Bundle Plugins) when you install are as following:
  • Nextend Connect (For Facebook, Google, and Twitter Login)
  • Redux Framework
  • WPBakery Visual Composer (page builder)
  • Elementor (page builder)
Additionally, there are few more third-party plugins that are tested and supported but not included in the package which are: Other then the above-mentioned plugins we don't officially support any other 3rd-party plugin.
Can I earn from my directory?
Yes, there are several options to monetize from a directory built with ListingPro.
  1. Offer Paid Pricing Plans to submit new listings. (One-time or Recurring/Subscription)
  2. Offer Paid Claim to claim existing listings.
  3. Offer Ad Campaigns to promote existing listings.
  4. Google Adsense integration
  5. Sponsored Listing on the home banner (hero-header), with background Video or Image. (Manual payment processing.)
Do I need to buy extra paid plugins?
ListingPro is an End-to-End Directory solution. You do not need to buy extra plugins for core directory features. We do offer additional free and paid plugins on our addons page but these are not required or only needed in exceptional cases.
Can I offer Free and Paid Pricing Plans?
Yes, you can create both FREE and PAID pricing plans. In addition, you can do the following:
  • Offer recurring subscriptions. 
  • Offer both Prepaid Plans or Pay Per Listing.
  • Offer different pricing for Monthly plan or Annual plan (discounted price).
  • Create Category-specific pricing plans.
  • Restrict FREE plan to one-time usage. Then once the listing expires the user must upgrade to a premium plan.
After the free plan expires, as the directory admin you can configure such that the listing owners can
  1. Continue with the same FREE plan
  2. Need to upgrade to a PAID plan to continue
  3. Auto-assign a different plan (paid or free) to an expired listing.
*We do not offer role-based membership as this is not a requirement for a directory. 
Can I run Ad Campaign?
Yes, our solution has a very comprehensive built-in ads system for business owners to run ad campaigns and track from the user dashboard. The targeted listing ads are shown on various different prime spots throughout the directory to maximize the conversion. To learn more go here.  
Can I migrate ListingPro from another theme?
Yes! ListingPro is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT. First, you need to export all your listings as CSV or XML and import it with WP ALL IMPORT. You can also go to the WP ALL IMPORT and check if your current theme is included on their add-ons page.
Does it include an Android or iOS Mobile App?
There is no native Andriod or iOS mobile app included. It includes advance responsive version, Mobile X (App View). The built-in Mobile X version gives mobile App Like experience on the most popular mobile browsers. If you really need a native mobile app for ListingPro you can check out a 3rd part plugin here. This is not an official ListingPro product nor do we provide any support for it.
Can I offer discount coupons?
Yes. There are TWO coupons systems. One for site-admin and another for business listing owners. You as the site admin can offer discount coupons to businesses to use it during checkout if they are signing up for a premium plan. The business owner can also create coupon codes as well as deals (with countdown) for their customers.
Can I use a FREE alternative to Google Maps?
Yes, OpenStreetMaps is now included to display maps. Only for the advance location search features, you will need a Google Maps API.
Is WooCommerce Supported?
We have built our own checkout process for Paid Listings and Ads. WooCommerce is not required. Hence we do not support WooCommerce officially. To understand more our mission and goal on why we haven't included WooCommerce as default, you can check the following article. If you really need to integrate with WooCommerce you can request a free quote for custom integration here.