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How much data can ListingPro handle?

The limitation for how much data you want to import is set by the Web Hosting Server where you plan to install and host your site. Just to be clear, ListingPro doesn’t have any such limitation. There are other factors that also affect how many listings you are able to import. Purchasing a low cost shared hosting […]

Can I migrate ListingPro from another theme?

ListingPro is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT. First, you need to export all your listings as CSV or XML and import it with WP ALL IMPORT. Steps to import are provided here. You can also go to the WP ALL IMPORT and see if your current theme is included in their add-ons page.

Where to get WP ALL IMPORT Add-On?

Listingpro Bulk Import Addon is included in the full package downloaded from ThemeForest. STEP 1: Login to ThemeForest. STEP 2: Go to STEP 3: Click green button. STEP 4: Select STEP 5: Unzip the zip file. STEP 6: Go to >   

How to import Live-Demo content?

To import complete content as per the live demo, you may find Live-demo-Content.zip file included in the complete package downloaded from ThemeForest. You can import using the default import feature under Tools > Import and make sure WordPress feature is installed. IMPORT USING DEFAULT WORDPRESS IMPORTER STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > […]

How to Import Bulk Listings with WP All Import (CSV)?

  PART 1: INSTALLATION STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Search for WP All Import, and click . STEP 4: Click  STEP 5: Go to > STEP 6: Click  STEP 7: Click on , and upload listingpro-Bulk-import-addon.zip. STEP 8: Click  STEP 9: Click  PART 2: IMPORTING LISTINGS (CSV) STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin […]

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