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PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY! We have several customers who have successfully migrated from other themes. But we cannot give any guarantee that you will be able to migrate 100% of your listing data to from another theme to ListingPro as every theme structure is different. Simply by deleting your old theme and installing ListingPro will not automatically work with your old listings. You will have to export and import it using WP ALL IMPORT (Free Version – ListingPro Add-on included). In case of any doubt, access the WP ALL IMPORT Documentation. If you’re still facing some difficulties, go to our Support Channel and request our team for help and they will try their best to help you out if they can. Helping you with the migration is not something covered under the license you purchased so any help provided will be out of courtesy.
ListingPro is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT. First, you need to export all your listings as CSV or XML and import it with WP ALL IMPORT. Steps to import are provided here.
You can also go to the WP ALL IMPORT and see if your current theme is included in their add-ons page.