What Payment Gateways are supported?
The following Payment Gateways are supported as of now:


Stripe 40 countries are supported by Stripe. For the full list of countries go here PayPal Express 202 countries are supported by PayPal. For the full list of countries go here 2Checkout 234 countries are supported by 2Checkout. For the full list of countries go here Direct/Wire Transfer  This is a manual payment processing option that can be used for any country. It's also called Bank Account Clearing System (BACS) that requires no payment to be made online. It helps to provide bank wire details to the customer. Once the funds are received the admin will manually approve the transaction.


If the payment gateway you are looking for is not available above please learn about our Developer-Friendly Payment Hook.
What Third-Party plugins are supported?
Third-party plugins that are included and are supported when you install ListingProWP are as following:
  • Nextend Connect (For Facebook, Google, and Twitter Login)
  • Redux Framework
  • WPBakery Visual Composer (page builder)
  • Elementor (page builder)
There are additional plugins that are not included but you might find useful. Go here to learn more.
Can I earn from my directory?
Yes, there are several options to monetize from a directory built with ListingPro.
  1. Offer Paid Pricing Plans to submit new listings. (One-time or Recurring/Subscription)
  2. Offer Paid Claim to claim existing listings.
  3. Offer Ad Campaigns to promote existing listings.
  4. Google Adsense integration
  5. Sponsored Listing on the home banner (hero-header), with background Video or Image. (Manual payment processing.)
  6. Earn Commission on each appointment booking with MedicalProWP.
To learn more on this topic checkout the following videos.
Can I offer Free and Paid Pricing Plans?
Yes, you can create both FREE and PAID pricing plans. In addition, you can do the following:
  • Offer recurring subscriptions. 
  • Offer both Prepaid Plans or Pay Per Listing.
  • Offer different pricing for Monthly plan or Annual plan (discounted price).
  • Create Category-specific pricing plans.
  • Restrict FREE plan to one-time usage. Then once the listing expires the user must upgrade to a premium plan.
After the free plan expires, as the directory admin you can configure such that the listing owners can
  1. Continue with the same FREE plan
  2. Need to upgrade to a PAID plan to continue
  3. Auto-assign a different plan (paid or free) to an expired listing.
*We do not offer role-based membership as this is not a requirement for a directory. 
Can I run Ad Campaign?
Yes, our solution has a very comprehensive built-in ads system for business owners to run ad campaigns and track from the user dashboard. The targeted listing ads are shown on various different prime spots throughout the directory to maximize the conversion. To learn more go here.  
Can I migrate ListingPro from another theme?
Yes! ListingPro is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT. First, you need to export all your listings as CSV or XML and import it with WP ALL IMPORT. You can also go to the WP ALL IMPORT and check if your current theme is included on their add-ons page.
Do I need to buy extra paid plugins?
ListingPro is an End-to-End Directory solution. You do not need to buy extra plugins for core directory features. We do offer additional free and paid plugins on our addons page but these are not required or only needed in exceptional cases.
Does it include an Android or iOS Mobile App?
Yes, the official ListingProWP android app is now available as an add-on for purchase from our store. ListingPro's iOS version of the mobile app will be available soon.
Can I offer discount coupons?
Yes. There are TWO coupons systems. One for site-admin and another for business listing owners. You as the site admin can offer discount coupons to businesses to use it during checkout if they are signing up for a premium plan. The business owner can also create coupon codes as well as deals (with countdown) for their customers.
Can I use a FREE alternative to Google Maps?
Yes, OpenStreetMaps is now included to display maps. Only for the advance location search features, you will need a Google Maps API.
Is WooCommerce Supported?
We have built our own checkout process for Paid Listings and Ads. WooCommerce is not required. Hence we do not support WooCommerce officially. To understand more our mission and goal on why we haven't included WooCommerce as default, you can check the following article. If you really need to integrate with WooCommerce you can request a free quote for custom integration here.
Can I integrate with any Payment Gateway?
Note: Before you integrate any payment gateway please check out all the available payment gateway add-ons here. To find out all the currently available free and paid payment gateways check out the following FAQ here. If you like to integrate with any other payment gateways, we provide a developer-friendly payment hooks plugin that will save time for a WordPress developer. For more information read this.
Does it include an Events?
Yes! Events management system with Events Calendar is included.
How does the Search work?
  • Our IntelliSense based Search is the next-generation archive search system giving instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and even in combinations (tags in category).
  • The Location search is City (region) based. Cities can be added manually or automated with Google Maps API.
  • In addition, when a user searches for something it can also take them to an archived page with all the listings containing the most relevant data according to their search, giving them the best possible results.
  • The advanced search algorithm is designed from ground-up to dramatically change the behavior based on the way the directory admin has configured the settings in Theme Options > Search > Search Mode (Exact or Broad).
  • For example, the search can be either static, were if the user type in car, only the listing that has the word car in it will show, or have your search more dynamic were if user type in the word car they can get listings that also have words such as auto, automobile, workshop, etc.
Can I create a custom lead form?
Yes, you as the directory admin can create a totally custom lead form and also allow your listing owners to create their own lead form custom to their business listings.
Is it RTL supported?
ListingProWP doesn't officially support RTL. You can download a 100% translated file of the Arabic language here. As for converting your theme to RTL, you may google How to make a WordPress theme RTL and follow the instructions.
Can I sell products?
ListingPro is a Directory solution and not an e-commerce solution. You cannot sell physical or digital products out-of-the-box, but you can use any WordPress e-commerce extension that supports shortcodes and manually insert shortcodes on any page, individual listings (description box) or use widgets to show in the sidebar. You may also check our Menu Management System that allows showcasing any products or services on listing details. (Watch Video)
Can I use the any Page Builder?
ListingPro supports Elementor & WP Bakery (Formerly known as Visual Composer) drag-&-drop page builder out-of-the-box. Both builders includes 25+ exclusively built custom elements. You may choose to use any page builder but it will not include the 25+ custom elements design for ListingPro.
Can I see real examples of sites built with ListingPro?
There are over 20,000+ directories kick-started and launched using ListingPro. We have compiled some top case-studies of customers who have built amazing directories with ListingPro, click here.
Is it possible to charge for specific categories?
Yes, you can. Included in 2.0 release.
Can I customize the search filter?
Yes, you can customize the search filter that appears on the archive (search results) page.
Is it possible to have a featured listing?
We have built-in Ad Campaign to promote multiple listings over the top of organic listings. You can change ADS to FEATURED or something else.
Does your theme supports any SEO plugin?
Many users have recommended and are currently using Yoast SEO plugin. ​We do have a free SCHEMA plugin and CSS/JS minifying plugin that can help towards overall SEO as well. Go to the PLUGINS page for info.
Can I Search by Zip Code?
Yes but only with Google Places API. Watch this video to see it in action. For more details see How does our search system work?
Do I need another license to use ListingPro on a 2nd site?
All of the licenses on the Envato Marketplaces are single-use licenses. When you purchase a single license of ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme, you are allowed to use the theme on one single finished directory site. However, there are some exceptions, for more details go here.  
Do I have option to add locations manually or automatically?
You can add locations manually or enable Auto Location by Google which requires Google Maps API Key.  
Do I need multiple licenses for Multi-sites?
Multisite is a WordPress feature that allows creating a Network of sub-sites within a single WordPress installation but each sub-site will be under a separate sub-domain. So if you have purchased a domain name called MyDirectory.com and you are going to have multiple sub-domains such as sub1.MyDirectory.com, sub2.MyDirectory.com and so on, then you may purchase an only single license for one primary domain. You may have multiple sub-domains under the same single license that was purchased for the primary domain. For more details go here.  
Why should I choose ListingPro over the other popular theme?
In most directory themes you just pay for the theme or very basic functionality and then you will have to purchase several external plugins sometimes from various different authors and get it all working together comes a nightmare as if you run into an issue every plugin author will tend to point fingers at each other and you end up spending tons of dollars on a directory site that doesn't work as expected. During our research, we found out that most of the WordPress Directory Themes which are priced around $60-$90 do not include all the necessary plugins to create a decent enough directory site without having to purchase additional plugins they may cost you up to $700 to sometimes even $1500+. We wanted to create something that a user can purchase and doesn't have to worry about any additional plugins for building a directory listing site with core directory listing features and we tried our best to do exactly that. We built a Mega-Powerful All-in-One extension that will allow you to add listing from front-end and back-end, users can claim a listing from front-end and admin can accept or reject from the backend, admin can generate income by charging users upon upgrading to paid listing or even when they like to promote their listing via ads. I can keep on going for several hours about what ListingPro can do.  If you are still not convinced that's ok. Check out what's some of the industry leaders has to say. [WATCH VIDEO]  
Can I use the same purchase code while migrating from localhost to server?
Yes! There's no problem of transfer your purchase code from localhost to your server.  
Does it include Internal Messaging?
Yes ListingPro has a built-in INBOX feature for the business listing owners to communicate with their customers. (Also known as Private Member Chat, Private Messages, Instant Messaging, or Internal Messaging System.) Our advanced INBOX feature allows business owners to receive and reply messages directly within the user-dashboard when a lead is generated via a lead form on the listing details page. The new Lead Form Builder allows to build a custom lead form that is global (applies to all listings) as per your requirement. Even the listing owners can build their specific custom lead forms.
Does your system work with WP Job Manager?
You don't need WP Job Manager. We have developed our own built-in competitive system for specifically to create Directory & Listing site with ListingPro. Whereas WP Job Manager was designed for job-board functionality sites and not a directory sites in mind.
Does it support Multi-currency?
Only one currency defined by the site admin is supported.  A business owner or the visitor cannot switch to another currency that was set by the admin.
Can I customize front-end submission (FES) listing form to assign custom fields to a category?
ListingPro includes an easy drag-&-drop Front-End Submission (FES) form builder that gives full control over how you want to build your entire front-end listing form for any industry to create additional form fields (Example: Textbox, Checkbox, On/Off Switch, Radio, Drop-down, Multi-check) and can assign to specific categories so only when a user selects a category from front-end during form submission the associated custom fields will show. If any custom field is unassigned to a category, it will appear by default. [WATCH VIDEO]
Can I install ListingPro localhost for test purpose?
Sure, you can install ListingPro and also import the demo data without any problems. To fully enjoy ListingPro on your local machine, you'll need to follow the setup steps shown on your WordPress dashboard. [alert type="info"] Don't forget to use your purchase code to validate the theme and plugins needed.[/alert]
Does it support Geolocation?
ListingPro supports Geolocation (Auto location by Google) it can be enabled for location selection for front-end listing submission form and for Search (Where).  Also in the Search Filtering the Near Me feature uses Geolocation to narrow down the search results based on the radius distance. Geolocation needs users permission to activate GPS. (SSL/HTTPs is required)
Does it include Multi-criteria based rating?
Yes, an advanced category based multi-criteria rating system is included. For more info read this article.
Can a business have morning & evening shifts by adding 2nd time slot?
Businesses can be allowed to add two different open and close timing. This feature is suitable for restaurants that only open to the server during lunch in the afternoon (Example: Slot 1: 11AM - 3PM) and then again open for dinner in the evening timing (Example: Slot 2: 6PM - 11PM). Open 24 hours and open after midnight is also supported. For example if the restaurant closes after midnight around 1 AM it will be considered as the same day.
Can I translate ListingPro to my Language?
Yes, you can translate it into any single language using any translation plugin but we recommend FREE Loco Translate plugin.  
Can I disable the map on listing details page for online businesses?
Yes, you can handle this by either offering a custom pricing plan specifically to exclude Google Map or globally disable Maps from listing details page from Theme Options.
Does it support Multi-language plugin WPML?
Multi-languages plugins such as WPML or qTranslateX are not officially tested. But many of our customers are using such plugins to offer multi-languages on their directory NOTE: We suggest you may want to consider the Google Translation plugin for WordPress as it will auto-translate your website in all the languages live with just a click of a button.  
How does listing results page look without Map on the side?
Access the demo URL below. Demo URL: https://classic.listingprowp.com/listing-category/restaurant/?list-style=1 Map disabled on search result page.
Can features be restricted on pricing plans?
Yes definitely! It's possible to restrict features (Example: Events, Appointment Booking, Lead Form, etc) while creating your pricing plans.  
Can I use ListingPro to build a Classified site?
ListingPro was built from ground-up as an end-to-end Directory Solution. If you want to use it as a Classified, it’s up to you but we don’t recommend it. Please kindly review the demo carefully and make sure it works for your use-case as we can’t guarantee it’s suitable for a classified use case. Before proceeding you must understand the difference between Directory vs Classified (Read This). If you still want to continue using ListingPro but need custom work done please contact the customization team by filling out the following customization request form for a quote.
Can I earn with Google Adsense?
Yes absolutely. We have dedicated placements for Google Adsense. For more info read this.
Is the it compatible with the latest WordPress?
Yes, it's compatible with the latest WordPress Version, including version 5.0 (Gutenberg). If you run into an issue please open a support ticket via the helpdesk.
How much data (listings) can ListingPro handle?
ListingPro doesn't have any such limitation. There are other factors also affect how many listings you are able to import. For more information read this.
Can I build any directory website with ListingPro?
ListingPro is an End-to-End (All-in-One) Multi-Purpose Directory Solution to build any directory listing website without the need for any additional 3rd party paid plugins. We have over 15000+ users worldwide who have created directories for various different niches (Examples: Local Business, Restaurant, Hotels, Services etc) using ListingPro. Please check some of the live examples here. But in case you want something that isn't yet included, please fill out the customization request form.
Can I customize the URL?
Yes, under the Theme Options you'll be able to customize the URL slug for:
Taxonomy Slug Example
Listing listing mydirectory.com/listing/downtown-pizza
Listing Category category mydirectory.com/category/pizza
Location location mydirectory.com/location/new-york
Feature feature mydirectory.com/feature/accepts-credit-card
Event event mydirectory.com/event/world-pizza-championshiop
Note: You must first have permalinks under WordPress Settings set to Post name in order to have a friendly URL.
Can users send email to listing owners?
Absolutely yes! You can enable the leads form for listings and owners will receive the message on their email registered in the directory. Admin will also be notified that someone has got in contact with the listing owner. Also, we have at your disposal the Email Management that you can be able to edit and customize your email templates.
Is there a way to add cryptocurrencies as payment like bitcoin, litecoin and others?
We really appreciate such interest and desire that you guys have for asking such incredible questions. At the moment, we don't have this option available as a payment method, but due to the number of interesting questions being made on ThemeForest, we're constantly selecting such comments and thinking on further possibilities.  
Do you have a review and rating system?
Yes, we have the most advanced rating system which includes, Emoji (emotion) based rating, interactive comments voting, and multi-rating based on various criteria. Please try the review and rating system here.
Is the design customizable?
ListingPro gives you a lot of options to customize it out-of-the-box as per your brand and styling. You get three different pre-built design layouts, further, you can change the colors, fonts, header styles, search banner styles, grid style, footer, listings submission form, etc with just a few clicks from Theme Options. It lets you go even beyond by making it compatible with Elementor & WP Bakery (Formerly Visual Composer) drag-&-drop page builder. It includes 25+ exclusively designed custom elements. Additionally, it allows you further customization of the business listing details page using a built-in drag-&-drop layout manager. For more info, read this.
Can a user flag or report a comment or listings?
Yes, the users can flag any inappropriate reviews or listings, which then the admin can take further action by reviewing the number for flags reported.
I am new to wordpress and directory sites, do I get help?
Sure! We have a huge documentation that covers pretty much every new feature release and some other topics that solve many other doubts about ListingPro and WordPress in general. Furthermore, you can open a ticket on our Support Team to have a better coverage and you'll be guided by one of our engineers. And final but not least, you can fill up the form to be invited to our Facebook Private Group, where users from around the globe are discussing everything related to directories and ListingPro.
Can I bulk import listings?
Yes, you can import bulk data into ListingPro with WP All Import plugin. ListingPro comes with a free add-on that makes ListingPro compatible WP All Import. Please be advised that you may run into challenges importing if you are using WP ALL Import first time and the import file is not properly setup. For more info read How to import bulk listings?  
What is Mobile X?
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Official Android app for ListingProWP is now available at our store. Mobile X is in an advance mobile-friendly (responsive) version that works only on modern mobile browsers without downloading an app. There are two different styles to choose from. For demo, open this link on your mobile browser.
Does listingpro support my currency?
Technically all currencies which officially support Receiving and Withdrawal (Not Just Sending) by PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout are supported with ListingPro. If your currency is not available under Theme Options, please inform our support team. [ For Stripe Check Here ] [ For PayPal Check Here ] [ For 2Checkout Check Here]    
Does this come with an appointment booking system?
Yes, we have a built-in FREE Appointments Booking system available. SEE IN ACTION
Can I build an Airbnb like marketplace?
[alert type="info"]Currently the multi-vendor marketplace model with commission per booking and a digital wallet is support with MedicalProWP, our premium add-on for healthcare directory.[/alert] The simple answer is no it doesn't fully support building a two-sided Airbnb-like marketplace nor do we have a room booking feature out of the box.
Here's what is possible:
  1. Enable listing owners (Hosts) to take booking requests by creating a custom lead (booking) form for visitors (Guests).
  2. Enable listing owners (Hosts) to create their own custom lead (booking) form for visitors (Guests).
  3. Accept leads and communicate using the Inbox feature.
  4. Admin can only monetize from listing owners (Hosts), using a pricing plan to add new or claim an existing listing.
  5. Admin can only monetize listing owners (Hosts) by allowing them to promote listings using Ads Campaign.
  6. Admins or listing owners (Hosts) may choose to charge visitors (Guests) using a manual process such as in-person, over the phone or email invoice.
  [alert type="warning"]Important! Lead Form discussed above to be used as booking form can only capture leads and cannot check the date and time as booking form to avoid double booking.[/alert]   Here's what's not possible:
  1. There are no direct payments involved in this process from visitors (Guests).
  2. The directory admins cannot earn any form of commission such as allowing per room booking.
  3. It doesn't allow directory admins or listing owners (Hosts) to use the built-in checkout system to charge visitors (Guests) directly.
Many users did create Hotel Booking or stripped-down versions of Airbnb like sites. Almost anything is possible by opting for customization to fit your needs, you may also request a free quote here. You may also refer to Does this come with a hotel booking system?
Does it include a hotel booking system?
ListingPro doesn't support hotel or flight booking out of the box. But we do have a FREE built-in Appointments Booking system included.
Is it possible to keep my existing theme, and just use the plugin?
ListingPro is an end-to-end directory solution and not just a plugin. You must use the ListingPro Theme and required plugins included to get the functionality shown in our demos. So if you would like to keep your existing theme then you will have to create a separate directory site either in a sub-domain or a sub-folder.
Can I earn commission per booking?
To earn commission with ListingProWP you need to install MedicalProWP add-on. This is primarily designed for medical directory website.
Does it allow booking a table in a restaurant?
The built-in FREE Booking system is only for booking Appointments and currently, it doesn't support reserving a table at a restaurant.
Does it support creating different Listing Type?
ListingPro doesn't allow creating different listing types. We offer categories, features (amenities), and custom fields (additional details) to differentiate each listing.
Can I use any Third-Party Plugins?
ListingPro was built as an end-to-end solution from scratch so our users don't have to use third-part plugins. So we officially support a very limited number of 3rd party plugins. But we do support shortcodes, so you can use any plugin that supports shortcodes, as long as you understand that NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR THIRD-PARTY (3rd-party) plugins that are officially not supported (Also read: What Third-Party plugins are supported?).
Can I get a discount?
Only when ListingPro is on sale. During our research, we found out that most of the WordPress Directory Themes do not include all the necessary plugins to create a decent enough directory site without having to purchase additional plugins they may cost you up to $500 to even sometimes even $1500. Whereas ListingPro is an End-to-End Directory Solution (All-in-One) built from the ground up. So you actually pay a small one-time fee of $69 for a solution that saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
What is Claim Now?
The Claim Now allows a user to establish the ownership by verifying with the site-admin. Once successfully claimed, a business owner gets a Claimed badge by verifying and establishing their identity as a real business owner to get the most out of a directory. Paid Claim is now available in 2.0 release.
Why is the page speed slow?
A lot of times users ask us why is your page speed slow (page load time). If you are asking this question you are most likely basing it on testing (PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix) one of our LIVE DEMOS (Example:  classic.listingprowp.com). Live demos are for the purpose of the demo only. We do not optimize our demos for page speed. Page load time has almost nothing to do with the theme. Page load has everything to do with the hosting option, content, images, etc. For more details read the following articles. What should I do to improve my site speed?
Can I restrict content for visitors?
You cannot restrict any content for visitors (end-users) to access based on role or pricing plan. Only admin can restrict features based on pricing plan for business listing owner.
Can I get a demo access to try?
Follow the links below to get access to the front-end and back-end of ListingPro
Demo URL:  demo.listingprowp.com User: demouser Pass: demouser This demo access is for testing purposes only. The demo will reset periodically without any notice. You may also be interested to check out some Live Examples of directories built with ListingPro.