Translation (5)

Translating the Theme and Plugin using Loco Translate, POedit, and similars.

Topics regarding of what’s available on our search settings, what’s included, filters

Ad Campaign (1)

Learn more about Ad Campaign, how it work, how to edit it, and more

Payments (11)

Payments Settings, including Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, Wire Transfer, Taxes

See more about the Booking System available on ListingPro, Resurva and Timekit.

Troubleshoot (17)

Learn how to solve some typical issues due to malfunction and misconfiguration

Email Templates sent to admin, users, and owners and how to edit it correctly.

Blogs (3)

Learn the options to define styles for your blogs and how it work step by step

Policy (7)

Know more about our policy and our commitment towards our services’ excellence