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Are the Ads category and keyword specific?

Ads are Random and keyword specific. Yes, Ads will be automatically displayed randomly based on the relativity of the search term. Suppose, when user will search then ads will come accordingly and when user will use the filter then ads will come up accordingly.  

What are the different types of advertisements?

There are THREE different types of advertisements (Ads) that can be offered to business listing owners to promote their listings which will allow a site-owner to generate additional revenue on top of paid listing packages. each with different location and price. Each of the advertisements offers a different spot and price and it will be presented when creating […]

How to start an Ad Campaign?

Show your targeted ads to customers searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location. For example, If John is searching for Photographers in San Jose CA, then your ads will appear on top of organic results only if you happen to be offering Photography service in San Jose. FOR SITE-ADMIN: […]

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