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Ad campaign allows listing owners to generate more leads and promote their business listings. In addition to Paid Listing and Paid Claim, this is another channel to generate revenue for the site admin. Ads campaign can be run based on the price, duration, available placements along with other options.

STEP 1: Go to User Dashboard > Ad Campaigns

Watch this quick animated gif or the full video above.

STEP 2: Click + Add New AD

STEP 3: Click Let’s Get Started on the pop-up.

STEP 4: Click Select Listing drop-down, and find a your published listing.

STEP 5: Choose from THREE (3) Ad placement options: Spotlight, Top of Search and Sidebar.

Orange spots indicate where the listing Ads will be displayed.

In this example Pay Per Day campaign type is shown. You may offer users one of the TWO (2) Ad campaign options: Pay Per Click PPC or Pay Per DayPPD

For Ad Placement and Ad Campaign settings go to  WP Admin > Theme Options > Ads Options.

  • Spotlight Ads are handled by WPBakery custom element. Can be inserted on almost any page using
  • Top of Search Ads Automatically displays on top of the organic search result in a set of TWO (maximum) ads at a time and are distributed evenly.

Top of Search Ads are Targeted-Ads. The Targeted Ads are designed for users searching for a specific category, tag (keyword), or feature in a specific location.
For example, If John is searching for Photographers in San Jose CA, then your ads will appear on top of organic results only if you happen to be offering Photography service in San Jose.

  • Sidebar Ads are handled form Widgets and can be displayed on the Listing details page and Archive (search result) page.
    • To display Sidebar Ads, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets
      • For Listing Details page drag ListingPro – Ads Listing widget to Listing Details Sidebar
      • For Listing Archive page drag ListingPro – Ads Listing widget to Listing Archive Sidebar

STEP 6: Set the campaign duration in days. (Example: Enter just 7 for 1 Week)

All users must review the Ad summary carefully before processing the payments. To make any changes (stop, cancel, request refund) to an active ad campaign listing owner have to contact the site admin. This is not an automatic process.

STEP 7: Select a payment method.

To configure a payment option (Example: PayPal, Stripe or Bank Wire) go to WP Admin > Theme Options > Payment Settings.

STEP 8: Click Pay Now

If any payment gateway is not selected, Pay Now button will remain inactive.