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Installing YOAST Plugin for SEO

YOAST SEO – WIZARD INSTALLATION Yoast SEO offers an installation wizard that guides you through the main settings to enable it into your WordPress. After that, you can enable/disable by your preferences which page you want Yoast to index/noindex/nofollow (e.g. about, contact, pricing, etc) Using our example from the demo content, let’s see how the Yoast SEO […]

How to (MANUAL) update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: DEACTIVATE AND DELETE LISTINGPRO THEME STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Select any other theme (Example: Twenty Seventeen), and click STEP 4: Click on ListingPro and details window pops-up. STEP 5: Click  STEP 6:  Click from popup window. PART 2: DEACTIVATE AND DELETE LISTINGPRO PLUGIN STEP 1: […]

How to install a child theme?

INSTALING CHILD-THEME FROM WORDPRESS DASHBOARD STEP 1: From the left-side menu, go to  >  STEP 2: From the top, click  STEP 3: Click the  STEP 4: Click  STEP 5: Browse and locate the theme file listingpro-child.zip, and click  STEP 6:  Click 

How to (AUTO) update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: INSTALL ENVATO MARKET PLUGIN STEP 1: Go to  >  STEP 2: Click the  STEP 3: Click  STEP 4: Upload the file above. STEP 5: Click  STEP 6:  Click  PART 2: CONFIGURE ENVATO MARKET PLUGIN STEP 1: Go to  STEP 2: Under Global OAuth Personal Token, click  STEP 3: Give a Token name (Example: ListingPro) STEP 4: Check if these […]

How to Backup and Update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: MOVE CUSTOMIZATION TO CHILD THEME  STEP 1: Make sure Child Theme is installed and active. (If not, see How to install a Child Theme?) STEP 2: Locate ALL the custom code changes made (either by you, your developer or even by our custom-services team upon your request). STEP 3: Move all custom code changes to the child theme. […]

How to activate license for ListingPro theme?

STEP 1: Login to ThemeForest. STEP 2: Go to page. STEP 3: Click button next to ListingPro, and select . STEP 4: Open the license.txt or license.pdf file and copy the Item Purchase Code. STEP 5:  Go to ListingPro CC > License STEP 6: Insert the Item Purchase Key, and select Instance Mode STEP 7: Click    

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