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Installing YOAST Plugin for SEO

YOAST SEO – WIZARD INSTALLATION Yoast SEO offers an installation wizard that guides you through the main settings to enable it into your WordPress. After that, you can enable/disable by your preferences which page you want Yoast to index/noindex/nofollow (e.g. about, contact, pricing, etc) Using our example from the demo content, let’s see how the Yoast SEO […]

How to (MANUAL) update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: DEACTIVATE AND DELETE LISTINGPRO THEME STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Select any other theme (Example: Twenty Seventeen), and click STEP 4: Click on ListingPro and details window pops-up. STEP 5: Click  STEP 6:  Click from popup window. PART 2: DEACTIVATE AND DELETE LISTINGPRO PLUGIN STEP 1: […]

How to install a child theme?

INSTALING CHILD-THEME FROM WORDPRESS DASHBOARD STEP 1: From the left-side menu, go to  >  STEP 2: From the top, click  STEP 3: Click the  STEP 4: Click  STEP 5: Browse and locate the theme file listingpro-child.zip, and click  STEP 6:  Click   

How to setup PlacesPro demo into ListingPro?

ENABLING PLACESPRO LAYOUT Let’s go to the > and change the to > . Scroll down the page, and change the > and click Save Changes. You can either use video or image. Just repeat the image path added above, and insert the same path to the video URL. By this way, you’ll be able to […]

How to (AUTO) update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: INSTALL ENVATO MARKET PLUGIN STEP 1: Go to  >  STEP 2: Click the  STEP 3: Click  STEP 4: Upload the file above. STEP 5: Click  STEP 6:  Click  PART 2: CONFIGURE ENVATO MARKET PLUGIN STEP 1: Go to  STEP 2: Under Global OAuth Personal Token, click  STEP 3: Give a Token name (Example: ListingPro) STEP 4: Check if these […]

How to Backup and Update ListingPro WordPress theme?

PART 1: MOVE CUSTOMIZATION TO CHILD THEME  STEP 1: Make sure Child Theme is installed and active. (If not, see How to install a Child Theme?) STEP 2: Locate ALL the custom code changes made (either by you, your developer or even by our custom-services team upon your request). STEP 3: Move all custom code changes to the child theme. […]