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How to install ListingPro (Plugins + Demo)?

INSTALL PLUGINS + DEMO LISTINGPRO WIZARD STEP 1: Click to start the Easy Setup Assistant wizard. STEP 2: Click to installl all required Plugins. STEP 3: Click to import Dummy Content. STEP 4: Click to return to dashboard.  

How to install ListingPro Theme?

UPLOADING LISTINGPRO VIA WORDPRESS DASHBOARD OPTION 1 – MANUAL INSTALLATION VIA FTP STEP 1: Log into your server via an FTP software or cPanel. STEP 2: Unzip the listingpro.zip file and ONLY use the extracted theme folder. STEP 3: Upload the extracted listingpro theme folder to the following path STEP 4: Go to > STEP 5: Click , under ListingPro.   OPTION 2 – […]

How to install WordPress?

WordPress Installation Video Nowadays all the major hosting companies such as offers One-Click Installation so in most cases, you might not need to install it manually. For any reason, One-Click install option is not available you can refer to the official WordPress installation guide. To speed up the process I highly recommend to check out a […]

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