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Yoast SEO offers an installation wizard that guides you through the main settings to enable it into your WordPress.

After that, you can enable/disable by your preferences which page you want Yoast to index/noindex/nofollow (e.g. about, contact, pricing, etc)

You can customize your Post Types & Taxonomies by going to WordPress Dashboard > SEO > Titles & Metas.

Using our example from the demo content, let’s see how the Yoast SEO will manage our listing title, description, and check if is everything working.


It seems that Yoast has already identified all of our listings automatically.

You can customize and increase the SEO metrics through the Yoast Documentation. As you can see, Yoast has detected all of our Post Types & Taxonomies, including Reviews, Ads, Claims… To learn more about SEO, you can follow Yoast Blog Posts.

Yoast SEO lets you customize your social sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. This way you can define a better presentation while sharing links through these social media platforms.



We cannot discuss which method works better for your SEO purpose and why. It’s recommended that you read the Yoast Documentation and identify if such settings are applicable or not for your type of strategy. Also in case of errors, while working with Yoast, you’ll find solutions at this link.
Some users are requesting specific SEO metrics and snippets to be shown on Google Search. Some of these snippets are available in Google Documentation. Depending on which plugin you’re comfortable to edit your SEO, these settings may differ from each other.