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For more advanced booking features checkout the MedicalPro add-on.

The built-in appointment booking option is a simple and intuitive system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the appointment booking slots decide?

The appointment booking time slots are auto split into selection slot duration based on the opening and closing time set. (example: The therapist timings are 9-5pm and he has configured the slot duration to be 60 mins then the appointment slots available between 9-5 pm will be every hour so in this case there will be 8 slots per day. Also if the office is closed on Saturday and Sunday then there will be no appointment slots available for weekends.

Can the listing owner set its own slots duration?

Yes, each listing owner can set its own slot duration (example: 15mins, 30min, 90min, etc).

Does it allow double-booking of the same slot?

Once an appointment slot is requested it’s blocked until the appointment is canceled by the admin.

Does it allow the management of multiple employees in a single listing?

Sorry, this is not possible at this time.