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How does ListingPro Advanced Search Filter Work?

There are THREE different options to filter and narrow search results that appear on the archive page. Primary Filter Options (Theme Options) Secondary Filter Options (Listing Features) Additional Filter Options (Custom Form Fields) How Does Near Me Filter Works 1. Primary Filter Options (Theme Options) The primary filter options are displayed by default without selecting […]

How Does Near Me Filter Works

Near Me Feature Theme Option Setting (Back-end) Near Me Feature in Action (Front-end) Near Me is a search filter which is available in the search filter page. Near Me Works with GEO IP location and get the nearest locations dynamically based on the current location. How to Enable Near Me By default, Near Me filter […]

How does ListingPro Search Works?

NOTE: Search with Zipcode is now supported with Google API (Watch This Video) ListingPro search is the most advanced and dynamic built-in search system on the directory market today, yet it is the most simple-to-use as it removes the out-dated complexities in the traditional directories by keeping the search fields to simply two fields (example: WHAT and WHERE). […]

What are the differences between tags vs features?

There are some misconceptions about the differences between tags and features. Which is very common and in a summarized way, let’s cover the differences and how you can benefit from both of them in your directory. Features are those that we really love in our directory. After creating our list of categories and subcategories, we’re […]

What are the differences between Exact Match vs Random Match

Exact Match This type of search filter will try to match the exact words that you typed in. The search results will either find titles with the specific work (e.g. store’s brand), and some others such as (e.g. categories, tags, and keywords). These results will give you the exact matches that have been found in […]

How to sort Listings on Search Results?

If you want to change the order on your Search Results page and sort your listings differently, follow the steps below. Go to > > At the Listings Order by, you have options to sort listings by Date, Name, and Random. In the Listings Order down below you have two options, for Ascending and Descending. […]

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