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Exact Match

In the Exact Match search mode, the search will try to match the exact words that you typed in. The search results will either find titles with the specific word (e.g. store’s brand), and some others such as (e.g. categories, tags, and keywords). These results will give you the exact matches that have been found in the directory. If some user types a specific word, the listing that contains these words will appear in the list.

Broad Match

In the Broad Match search mode, the search will try to match in broad order by the words that you typed in. The search results will either find and bring it to the list as equal to the Exact Match, but with only one exception. The Broad Match will try to identify every listing, detail, and categories that possibly match the search criteria. By this means, some words may be found in various different listings, and it will sort randomly the results found.

To enable and select one of these functions, simply go to the Theme Options > Search Settings and find the Search Mode option.




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