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There are some misconceptions about the differences between tags and features. Which is very common and in a summarized way, let’s cover the differences and how you can benefit from both of them in your directory.

Features are those that we really love in our directory. After creating our list of categories and subcategories, we’re more than ready to implement some interesting features that represent each of these categories to be shown on the submit listing page and on listing details page.

Tags/Keywords, on the other hand, come to enhance the searchability to bring the matched words and relevant listings based on the typed words in the Search Bar.

These Tags/Keywords works as a benefit to improve search metrics and filter only the relevant listings in your directory. While used correctly, the flexibility available is indescribable.



Using Tags/Keywords can improve searches by features. So, only use the words that best emphasize your directory niche, the categories, the features within this categories. Choosing it wisely those words will impact positively more than 80% of the user flexibility in search results.
Using Features works in a different way, but users can still click on the specific Feature and the search result page will refresh based on the clicked Feature described in the Listing Detail Page. Also, Features can be selected to show relevant Listings including those specific Features requested by the user. Tags/Keywords can also have the same words as included for Features within categories and subcategories. Showing it wisely will increase the Search Type as well.


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