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Learn About All The ListingPro Forms

ListingPro includes various different forms. Front-end Listing Submission (FES) Form Listing Lead Form Directory Contact Form 1. Front-end Listing Submission (FES) Form An easy drag-&-drop Front-End Submission (FES) form builder gives full control over how you want to build your entire front-end listing form for any industry.   2. Listing Lead Form With the new […]

How to change listing submit page text

In this article, I will demonstrate how to change the listing submission page texts. If you want to change the text which is displaying inside of the custom field in the detail page then please follow the below steps: STEP 1: Go to > > > STEP 2: Scroll down the page and change the […]

What is a courtesy Listing & how to get the listing ID?

Courtesy Listing usually indicates giving a credit to someone about something (e.g. image only) then you use this feature to highlight their listing as a courtesy of that banner. To turn on Courtesy Listing: STEP 1: Go to > > > STEP 2: Switch the toggle to turn ON. STEP 3: An new box will […]

How does Business Hours Work

The following topics are covered in this knowledge base article. Setup Business Hours for English Users Setup Business Hours for Non-English Users Enabling a Second Time-slot for Submit Listing   In order to display Opened or Closed status correctly of all business listings, the below steps must be followed carefully. Business hours are mainly for two […]

How to edit sidebar for Listings

The previous article about the Blog Sidebar doesn’t differ that much regarding the Sidebar for Listings. Let’s get into detail by first going to > > At this page, you’ll find the Detail Page Sidebar Widgets, for which you can simply reorder up and down where you want the Sidebar Widgets to appear first. Let’s shuffle up right below the […]

What are the differences between tags vs features?

There are some misconceptions about the differences between tags and features. Which is very common and in a summarized way, let’s cover the differences and how you can benefit from both of them in your directory. Features are those that we really love in our directory. After creating our list of categories and subcategories, we’re […]