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The previous article about the Blog Sidebar doesn’t differ that much regarding the Sidebar for Listings.

Let’s get into detail by first going to Theme Options > Listing Settings > Listing Detail Page Layout Manager

At this page, you’ll find the Detail Page Sidebar Widgets, for which you can simply reorder up and down where you want the Sidebar Widgets to appear first. Let’s shuffle up right below the Map/Contacts the Sidebar Widgets.

Now, let’s head over to the Appearance > Widgets

As you can see, the same option can be applied for the Default Sidebar, which is the Blog Sidebar section.

The available Widgets will take place within these Sidebars after we select our desired Widget.

You can either choose if you want to include Nearby Listing, Recent Listing, Ads Listing.

For this article, let’s include the Recent Listing as a demonstrative option.

Nearby Listing will only show Listings defined by the Nearby distance, configured at the backend. Ads Listing will only show Listings that were promoted at the Campaign option in the User’s Dashboard (if enabled by Admin at the backend).

Here we defined that our Widget will contain only 2 Listings, but you can include more on your end if you want to.

Let’s check the result by clicking on any available Listing in our Directory and check if the Recent Listing were added as described in this article.

As we can see, the Recent Listing was placed right below the Map/Contacts as we expected.

If you’re using the Ads Campaign to show up the Owners’ Listings, it’s a good option include the Widget for Ads in this section.
Bear in mind that you can shuffle the order of your Widgets at the Layout Manager and increase the number of Listings allowed at the Widgets Settings.