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How to add 2 time slots in Listing Business Hours?

ACTIVATING 2ND TIME SLOT FOR SUBMIT LISTING To include the 2-time slots into the Submit Listing, first, go to > > Enable the 2-time slots as shown in the image below Click on Save Changes   ATTENTION

How Listing Detail Manager Works?

First, We have 2 styles that will differ the appearance of the listing page. You have the option to opt-in between these 2, and then we can follow along with the Content Layout and Sidebar Layout Let’s dive in…   Go to > > At the beginning select the Detail Page Style that you want […]

How the Multi-Location & Multi-Category works?

There are some key factors that we should be aware of. But first, let’s enable the Muti-Location and Multi-Category. Go to > > and enable them. This is the result that your end users will see while submitting their listing details. Multi-Location Multi-Category Now that we have enabled Multi-Location and Multi-Category, we have to check […]

Can I update my Listing after published?

UPDATING LISTINGS FROM FRONT-END DASHBOARD It’s easy and simple for the Listing Author to update or edit a published listing. Listing Author can log in to the site and edit/update listing from the front-end dashboard. After clicking on the Edit Button, you’ll be redirected to the Edit your Listing page, and there you can fulfill […]

Why do I need to verify a claim by myself?

New listing submission (Free or Paid) does not mean listing owner verification, only the admin can verify and grant access after a claim request is submitted. Admins can certify if the claimed business has come from the true owner by verifying the details sent when claiming a specific listing. Unfortunately, due to the differences between […]

How to manage the listings images?

ENABLING GALLERY FOR IMAGES ON LISTING 1. Dashboard  > 2. Turn ON the section image 3. Add the image for listing 4. Upload See Screenshot below: After enabling this option, Listing Owners will be able to upload images and create their gallery images.    

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