Home Home Listing Settings Why do I need to verify a claim by myself?

New listing submission (Free or Paid) does not mean listing owner verification, only the admin can verify and grant access after a claim request is submitted.

Admins can certify if the claimed business has come from the true owner by verifying the details sent when claiming a specific listing. Unfortunately, due to the differences between countries and its laws, it’s important that the admin can include details on their FAQ and how to proceed and verify the ownership for a listing.

By this way, there are fewer chances for mistakes while verifying manually a listing.

By this mean, we can certify and give both users (admin owner, customer-owner and final users) a better security that each claiming listing is being authenticated by (admins, managers etc).

But don’t worry, if your business idea doesn’t fit the way which was explained above, you can disable it as per needed.


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