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What are the differences between tags vs features?

There are some misconceptions about the differences between tags and features. Which is very common and in a summarized way, let’s cover the differences and how you can benefit from both of them in your directory. Features are those that we really love in our directory. After creating our list of categories and subcategories, we’re […]

How to add Custom Form Fields (Additional Details) ?

CREATING ADDITIONAL FIELDS ADDITIONAL FIELDS RESULTS ON LISTING DETAILS STEP 1: Log in to the WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Click STEP 4: Enter a title (Example: Accepts Credit Card). STEP 5: Select a Field Type, following options are available to choose from: Backend View: Available Options: Text, Checkbox, Checkbox (Switch), Multicheck, Radio, Drop-Down. Frontend […]

How to add a Listing Feature?

This article contains everything you must know about listing Features and it’s broken down into the following topics. What is listing Features How and where the listing Features taxonomy is shown How to add listing Features (Only For Admins) How to assign Features to a Category (Only For Admins) Additional FAQs 1. What is listing […]

How to add a Listing Category?

There are two sets of Categories that can be created, Parent Category and Child Category (Sub-Category), and the listings can be added into those categories. HOW TO ADD CATEGORY? STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Enter a Name and Slug STEP 4: Select Parent Category if creating a Sub-Category. STEP 5: Add […]

How to add Features?

Features allow a business listing owner to present the core value of their business such as amenities or facilities. It unlocks a very powerful option that we will discuss below. STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Enter a Name and Slug STEP 4: Enter a Feature icon code (Example: fa-address-book).