Home Home Listing Settings How to add a Category?

There are two sets of Category that can be created, Parent Category and Child Category (Sub-Category), and the listings can be added into those categories.


STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard.

STEP 2: Go to Listings > Categories

STEP 3: Enter a Name and Slug

STEP 4: Select Parent Category if creating a Sub-Category.

Description box is for SEO purpose. You need to install an SEO plugin (Example: Yoast SEO) in order for the meta description to activate.

STEP 5: Add Category Icon

For step-by-step instructions read How to add an icons to a Category?

STEP 6: Add Category Banner.

STEP 7: Assign Category Features.

For step-by-step instructions read How to assign Features to a Category?


The specified features will appear on listing submission page, listing details page and search result page as part of the advanced filter as long as a category is selected.


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