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How do Best Match Works?

Have you guys noticed the feature available on the Results Page? This option when selected will be automatically selected the Open Now Listings + with all Sort by Filters Selected. This means that all of the most relevant listings will be displayed automatically, giving you what’s the best option available within the specific Category on […]

Can I use features to search listings?

Yes, all added features will be displayed during the category selection. Features will be visible as checkboxes but category based. You can filter listings based on the selected category and features. To filter listings first you have select any category then mark the necessary features as per your needs and listings search results will be […]

How to enable filter settings?

Kindly follow the below steps STEP 1: Dashboard  > STEP 2: Just hit the button “Enable” for the options you want to enable STEP 3: Save Changes    

How to add a Location (Parent & Child) ?

STEP 1:  Go to wp-admin dashboard STEP 2: Under Listings, select Locations. STEP 3: Enter Name and Slug. (Example, enter a State: California ) STEP 4: For Parent leave default option None. STEP 5:  Click Insert image button under Location Image. STEP 6:  Select an image and under make sure to select Full Size from Size drop-down. STEP 7: Click  STEP 8: Repeat these steps for any   

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