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Have you guys noticed the feature available on the Results Page?

This option when selected will be automatically selected the Open Now Listings + with all Sort by Filters Selected.

This means that all of the most relevant listings will be displayed automatically, giving you what’s the best option available within the specific Category on the Results Page.

This option only works on the Results Page and its behavior is automatically applied. There’s no need for customization or any change by the admins to reach the purposed result.

Also, users can then include the Price Range and Near Me to give a better result of the listings defined by the Best Matches criteria.


Best Match doesn’t filter nor selects any of the related features created within those categories and applied within specific listings. The features option by itself has already its own method of sorting out listings with the respective feature included.


Best Match will grab the listings with the most viewed, rated, reviewed and those which is currently opened, giving as a final result the most relevant listings in the selected category. With this purpose, you can make a second filter by searching within the previous result by Price Range and or applying the Near Me to bring the relevant listings nearby with this refined criteria.