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How to setup payment checkout pages?

ENABLING IMPORTANT PAGES FOR THE CHECKOUT to enable correctly your payment checkout, simply go to the > > If you’re working with Free plans and Paid plans, please consider enabling the Paid Submission to “YES“. It will allow the user to click on the +Add Listing button and be redirected to the Pricing Plan Page. Search for […]

How do Payments work on Pricing Plans?

In order for an end-user to successfully pay for a plan, we should follow some common rules: STEP 1: you should have created your pricing plan, defining which features to include and then save. e.g: basic, premium, etc. STEP 2: you should have enabled your payment gateway that you’ll receive the payments. e.g: PayPal, stripe, […]

How Invoices Work?

Invoices work as a guarantee that the pricing plan was bought correctly into the specific options defined and chosen by customers. These Invoices will show each listing that was already bought, and also some additional details that the admin can give in the invoices. Customers will also be able to print these invoices if needed. […]

How to Customize the Pricing Plans Fields?

As we know, the Pricing Plans have already included a sort of defined features that you as admin has enabled in the Theme Options and others that’s defined during the creation of your Pricing Plans, according to your relevant strategies. But what if we want to write some strategic feature or enhance some premium features […]

How to disable Pricing Plan and offer only Ad Campaign?

Go to > > and disable the paid submission method adding NO With Paid Submission disabled, The button at the Homepage will be automatically redirected to the Submit Listing Page. By this way, you can focus only on Ad Campaigns and other methods to turn your directory profitable without subscription plans enabled.  

How to enable/disable options for Pricing Plans?

These options will depend exclusively on your business purpose and business strategy. Also, you should remember that some options can be disabled through the Theme Options, e.g. price range, tag keywords. To enable or disable options for pricing plans, simply go to WordPress > > After selecting your options for each plan, the result will […]

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