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to enable correctly your payment checkout, simply go to the Theme Options > Payment Settings > General

If you’re working with Free plans and Paid plans, please consider enabling the Paid Submission to “YES“. It will allow the user to click on the +Add Listing button and be redirected to the Pricing Plan Page.

Search for the respective pages in the drop-down menu, and select the Payment Checkout, Payment Fail, and Payment Success.

The Payment Checkout Page is responsible to bring the listings and the payments available (enabled) in the directory for the users. After this procedure, all the payments will be handled directly by the appropriately chosen gateway.

These pages will guide the user while choosing the submitted listing and the desired payment gateway to conclude the payment. In case of success, the Payment Success Page will notify that the payment was made successfully, in case of errors, the Payment Fail Page will notify that the payment has occurred any error.