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We have recently updated our Activation process and we have seen some common scenarios where users are unable to activate ListingPro license.



I installed the ListingPro theme and tried to activate it using the activation code. But once I enter the purchase code, and select (Live or Test site), the Activate button does not enable and stays grayed out. It also says the code is invalid.


It’s just the SSL configurations issue due to which ListingPro CC (Command Center) styling CSS files are not loading. You need to install an SSL plugin (Really Simple SSL) on your site to resolve this issue.

The ListingPro CC should look like the following if the CSS style file is loading correctly.




I update the theme to the new version. But when I enter the Purchase Code, it says my purchase code is invalid.


The “purchase code is invalid” error usually occurs when you just update the ListingPro theme only. You must always also update all the ListingPro plugins when you update the Theme. For instructions on how to update the ListingPro Plugins and the Theme please read this article.

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