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Listing Users Not Getting Email Notifications

Install the plugin Easy WP SMTP or WP Mail SMTP and configure it with the correct SMTP settings and test. If you are still having issues contact your hosting provider to verify SMTP is enabled and there are no issues on the server end.

Unable to activate license

We have recently updated our Activation process and we have seen some common scenarios where users are unable to activate ListingPro license. SCENARIO 1 Problem: I installed the ListingPro theme and tried to activate it using the activation code. But once I enter the purchase code, and select (Live or Test site), the Activate button […]

Why I’m facing so many issues after some updates?

Most of the issues aren’t related entirely to ListingPro and it’s functionalities or code quality. One of the biggest issues is due to the MySQL server (whether it be on localhost or shared hosting or cloud server). You can learn more about MySQL at this page (MySQL) It’s correct to affirm that most users are […]

Does the Team give Support for Site Optimization?

For users that are newcomers on WordPress and aren’t aware of what a Site Optimization means, follow a short resume about it: There are many ways to optimize our websites to deliver the information available on each pagelink. Some of these optimizations refer to SEO, while others may be related to how your website speed […]

I’ve excluded/lost the default pages on my directory. How to add them again?

Sometimes we may have made a customized page but then we forgot the other patterns of our default page and wanted to check on how to proceed, or maybe we were simply unaware and accidentally deleted one or more of the default pages. In order to fix this, we have a few options that we can […]

The Menu & Dashboard don’t appear in the Mobile. How to fix that?

It’s not an issue per se, and the solution to this purpose is really simple. Simply go to your > > and create/add a new one where it says For this example, we’re going to create a new Menu. Now, after clicking on the Create Menu Button, we can insert which page we’re going to […]