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We have a set of availability that works along with Visual Composer Elements. These custom Elements were made exclusively designed for ListingPro, which you can find through the ListingPro Section within at Add Element. You can customize your homepage the way you want to, and also make major changes with built-in options to edit design patterns, columns, and rows.

Some plugins will also take action if there’s any compatibility with Visual Composer. You must check which plugin you have installed in your WordPress and see if there’s an add-on for Visual Composer. If yes, you will also be able to include these plugins into your pages effortlessly.

To work with Visual Composer is a deep step that you have to make progressive tests, to reach the desirable experience.

Visual Composer [WPBakery] is the primary tool to customize your pages. If you plan to use another plugin to create slides or any other drag & drop tool to customize your pages. Bear in mind that some plugins may not fully work with ListingPro.