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List of all the custom built elements for WPBakery Page builder

By using the ListingPro Custom elements for WPBakery (Formerly Visual Composer) you can customize the layout as per your needs. These custom elements will do a lot for your directory. In this article, we will extend the functionality of every element and its usage. Click on any Element Title by Name to jump: ListingPro Columns Element […]

Which VC Elements are on Homepage?

Let’s dive into the ListingPro Elements and see what are the most important ones and what it represents at the frontend. VISUAL COMPOSER ELEMENTS ON HOMEPAGE ListingPro Columns Element This Element is where you can create your business’s main topics. It’s offered 3 sections where you can describe each of them with an option to […]

How to optimize pages for mobile with Visual Composer?

To optimize your directory pages and deliver a different behavior over mobile devices, we can customize them through the Visual Composer. Each Column will have its own Responsive Options available. As an example, let’s go to the > > and select the Let’s choose one common element added, and click on the Edit Column Here, […]

Do I have to pay for a Page Builder License?

As per the Envato policy, the license for page builders (WPBakery/Elementor Pro) is not included. Updates for external plugins are released with the package when it’s tested and it’s compatible with ListingProWP or its add-on. You can purchase the license if you require an update immediately, but we don’t recommend and might not be able […]

What options are available to edit the Homepage?

We have a set of availability that works along with Visual Composer Elements. These custom Elements were made exclusively designed for ListingPro, which you can find through the ListingPro Section within at Add Element. You can customize your homepage the way you want to, and also make major changes with built-in options to edit design […]