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ListingProWP uses the reverse geocoding technique in our theme that when you import listing with accurate and exact Google addresses, you are not required to include the latitudes and the longitudes. But after importing the data you need to visit the archive page to allow the system to automatically get the latitude and longitude for that address. Then only the maps will show properly.

If the google geocoding service is not getting lat and long from the Google address it means the function file_get_content is not working on your site due to which it does not get latitude and longitude of Google address. Contact and verify with your hosting company if file_get_content is enabled on your server. If this function is not enabled then the Lat/Long will not work.

For shared hosting users

Due to Google maps and geocoding APIs have a specific number of requests limit per day/per second and per IP address for Free, shared hosting users will also run into an issue because shared hostings only have a single IP address that is shared with multiple users and due to which Google Maps APIs will reach its limits very quick. It’s a common issue and has been discussed on many forums that people with shared hostings have issues with geocoding.

Alternate for batch GeoCoding

Only for those users who are using shared hosting or have hit a Google API limit, you can opt for other external services. Google for “batch geocode” and you may find free and paid services.