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When I bulk import Google Addresses, the Map does not display?

NOTE: PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS NOT A THEME-RELATED ISSUE. ListingProWP uses the reverse geocoding technique in our theme that when you import listing with accurate and exact Google addresses, you are not required to include the latitudes and the longitudes. But after importing the data you need to visit the archive page to […]

What IP-Address APIs are supported for Geolocation

The following two APIs for GEO IP is supported. geolocation-db.com ip-api.com Also, see How to enable GPS

How to define Default Location on Map?

In order to include a default location for your map, follow the instruction below. Go to > > and include the Latitude and Longitude of your country, state or city. This default location will work on your map and also for the results not found on the search results page. This brings more empathy for the […]

How the Drop-pin work on Maps?

The Drop-pin feature is a great tool if you want to give to your customers “right on point” address. Some users may include their full business address using the help of Google API, while others may forget to include some important details in their address that leaves a lack of information. With Drop-pin, you’ll find […]

Why is my Geolocation showing inaccurately?

The Accuracy of geolocation depends on how does your geolocation is determined. We use Geolocation by GPS and IP Address.  There are a variety of ways that your device and the location service provider calculate your position, and some are more accurate than others. GPS is often the most accurate. How does the Geolocation API can […]

How does pre-populate location (city) in homepage banner works?

Your city name (as outlined below) above the search field, on the home page, is pre-populated based on your device’s IP address. If you notice the location is incorrect please try changing the settings below.   There are two different IP API for GEO IP http://geolocation-db.com http://ip-api.com Advanced users can click here to see what’s happening behind the […]