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We get this a lot and we know how important it’s for our users that they don’t feel they are without help when their support expired, so here are some options you may consider.

Option 1:  Join ListingPro’s Official Facebook Community

The first thing it’s absolutely FREE! By joining our official Facebook Community with our 1000+ members you can post your questions and get help from 100s of active members who love to help.

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Option 2:  Report a bug

First, make sure you have the latest version of ListingPro running by visiting our update logs page. Then if you think the bug is in the latest version then you may report it by filling out the following form.
Please do not submit feature requests or improvements.

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Option 3:  Renew support

When you purchase ListingPro you get 6 months of Free Support. You do have an option to get extended support for an additional 6 months for a discounted price so you are good for 12 months.

This sounds all good but once the support expired people come and ask us why should I renew the support license. We highly recommend you to renew the support license if you would like to get help directly from our expert support team.

Learn how to

If the above OPTION 1, 2, and 3 are not suitable for you at this time then continue reading. Due to COVID-19, we have decided to temporarily open our helpdesk for users with even expired support. If you need technical assistance you are allowed to open one ticket at a time. We humbly request you to not abuse it and kindly be patient with our team as they will respond to you as soon as possible. Our paid support customers are our first priority. If we notice many users trying to abuse this, we will be forced to deactivate support for expired users so please kindly be respectful and create only one ticket at a time.

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