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How to hide Add Listing or Join Now button

This article covers the following key points: Hiding Add Listing Button Hiding Join Now Button Disabling User Registration Hiding Add Listing Button STEP 1: Open the homepage of your website. STEP 2: Click on Inspect (in Google Chrome Browser) to extract the source elements of your homepage. STEP 3: Find the CSS class of the ”Add Listing” […]

How to configure URL structures correctly

After theme installation and importing demo data, it’s required to configure the URL structure under Permalink settings or else you will see a 404 error on the front-end. STEP 1: Go to > > STEP 2: Choose the permalink structure which is good for you. STEP 3: Click to

How to customize ListingPro?

The customization is divided into two main areas. General Pages (NON-Directory and Listing):  Pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us are not related to directory and listing. To customize such pages you can do the following: Use Elementor or Visual Composer (drag & drop page builder) to customize non-directory related pages. You can even use any page […]

Why am I facing 404 redirect errors?

For new users who have recently installed ListingPro, there are some settings that need to take into consideration to avoid any 404 errors or blank images with shortcodes. 1 – Go to the > and check the following details Add the corresponded URLs in this settings, to avoid 404 errors while clicking on these pages, […]

How to enable the Social Media Login?

There are three Social Media Platforms that you can use to Register and Login into the directory. In order to find these settings, simply go to > > and find the respective name to configure the platforms you want to enable the registration and login. The step by step on how to configure your Social […]

How to enable GPS?

To enable the GPS simply follow the instruction below: Go to the > >   With the GPS enabled the precision is more accurate and acts differently from GEO IP DB and IP API. Now with GPS, the user will receive a notification on their browser asking to enable and share the current location with […]

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