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For new users who have recently installed ListingPro, there are some settings that need to take into consideration to avoid any 404 errors or blank images with shortcodes.

1 – Go to the Theme Options > URL Config and check the following details

Add the corresponded URLs in this settings, to avoid 404 errors while clicking on these pages, Author Dashboard, Submit Listing, Edit Listing, and Price Plans.


2 – While using the Price plans, make sure that the settings are also configured, Go to Theme Options > Payment Settings > General and check the following details

Including these pages from the drop-down, you won’t face any more issue with blank pages showing only a shortcode. Simply add the Payment Checkout, Payment Fail, and Payment Success into the correspondent section.


3 – If you’re facing issues on the homepage, more specifically at the +Add Listing button, simply go to the Theme Options > Payment Settings > General and check the following details

Set the Paid Submission to YES instead of the Default NO. This way, users will be redirected to the Price Plans before submitting a listing into the Directory. If you define this option as NO, users will be able to add listings without any restriction for free.

The Default option is better suited for users who want to grant free access without charging for added listings. Instead, the admin can be monetized by using the Ad Campaign System, when certain users want to leverage their added listings into the Directory.

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