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How to fully apply SSL on ListingPro?

Some users may face errors while trying to validate their SSL settings over their preferable hosting plan or cloud server. Whether it be CloudFlare, Let’s Encrypt or others. To fully apply SSL settings within the ListingPro, we should consider some steps to grant the almighty First of all, we need to overwrite all the standard […]

How to change the location image?

To change the location image please refer to > > . Then edit the location name and upload location image. Let’s add an image to the Boston Location. Check if the uploaded image was defined as Full Size and then Click Insert into post. As we can see, our image is now added to our Boston […]

How timezone works in listingpro?

Primarily there are TWO options for how Timezone can function: STATIC TIME ZONE: This can be set from WordPress settings. STEP 1: Go to > STEP 2: Select the appropriate Timezone from the drop-down.   DYNAMIC TIME ZONE: This can be different for each listing as it works with the latitude and longitude of respective listings. […]

How to change Typography settings?

STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Select appropriate font settings. STEP 4: Click

How to use Nextend Connect Plugin?

Nextend Connect Plugin, you can create an easy and customizable way to interact with your users while signing up an account on your Website. Each Social Media Application will be divided into 3 different plugins which allow you to insert APIs Keys, Secret Keys and IDs referring to the Social Media defined for users registration. […]

How to set custom Date Format?

STEP 1: Log in to the WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Under Date Format, select Custom. STEP 4: Click