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Mollie is a premium payment gateway developed for ListingPro. To purchase go here.

How to Setup Mollie

Part 1 – Downloading File

Follow the steps below once you have already purchased Mollie from ListingProWP.com/plugins

STEP 1: On ListingProWP official website, go to My Account

STEP 2: Under My Account select the View Details and Downloads.

STEP 3: On the Purchase Confirmation page, scroll down towards the end.

STEP 4: Under Products click the file name to start downloading the plugin file.

Part 2 – Installing File

STEP 1:  First unzip the download file, for example: unzipme-payfast-xx.zip

STEP 2:  Go to WordPress admin > Plugins

STEP 3: Click Add New, and then select Upload Plugin

STEP 4: Click Choose File and select the file from the local machine.

STEP 5: Click Install Now and then Activate Plugin


Part 3 – License Activation

If the license is not activated, the payment gateway will not work.

STEP 1: When a notification bar shows on the top, click Activate 

A prompt to enter the purchase key will appear.

STEP 2:  Go to the Purchase Confirmation page as explained above in Part-1 Step 3.

STEP 3:  Copy the license key.

STEP 4: Paste the license key.

STEP 5: Click Activate

If the activation is successful the red notification should now disappear.

Part 4 – Configuring Payment


STEP 1: Go to Theme Options > Payments > General

STEP 2: Enable Paid Submission by selecting YES

STEP 3: Under Currency for Paid Submission select your currency: EUR (All others)



Before proceeding signup for Mollie Account, go here

STEP 1: Go to Theme Options > Payments > Mollie

STEP 2: Enable Mollie by selecting Enabled

STEP 3: Under API TYPE select Live or Sandbox

STEP 4: Enter Mollie Live API Key

We high-recommended to first obtain and test with Sandbox. The Test API key is different from Live API Key).


Part 5 – Testing

Make sure you already have paid pricing plans. read more 

STEP 1: From the front-end click Add Listing

STEP 2: Select a paid pricing plan.

STEP 3: Fill in the listing submission form.

STEP 4: Click Save & Preview

STEP 5: Click Pay & Publish

STEP 5: Click Pay & Publish

STEP 6: Select the listing and the Mollie and click Proceed to Next

STEP 7:  Review the payment summary and click Proceed to Next again

STEP 8:  It will redirect you to a secure Mollie checkout page, select VISA or another option

STEP 9:  Enter the payment details and click pay.

Once the payment is successful it should redirect you back to the thank you page on your website.


Frequently Ask Questions

What currencies are supported by Mollie?


Does Mollie support a recurring (subscription) feature?

Yes, recurring is support except for PayPal via Mollie and SEPA Bank Transfer.