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What are the differences between demos – Classic, PlacesPro and RestaurantPro

Classic and PlacesPro both have different look and some layout difference. In this article I will demonstrate some differences between the Classic and PlacesPro version: 1. Installation 2. Homepage Layout 3. Listing Detail Page Layout 4. Header & Footer Installation a) Classic Version By Default, if you insert the demo data then classic version will be […]

How to enable Whatsapp in the Listing Page?

ACTIVATING WHATSAPP ON LISTING MANAGER To enable or disable this option in the Listing Page Detail… Go to > > Scroll down the page and find this referred option Now you can define whether you want your Listing Owners to receive contacts through Whatsapp or not. When some user clicks on the Whatsapp link, the […]

How to apply the New Footer Layout?

ACTIVATING THE NEW FOOTER LAYOUT THE RESULT IN THE FRONT-PAGE Go to your > > and choose the . After selecting the new layout and configured all the preferred Social Media below,  hit Save Changes. The new footer layout works with widgets. to fully work with this new layout, we need to go to > […]

How Report Listings & Report Reviews Works?

This option can bring to your directory, more ethic, transparency, security, and conduct rights for Listings & Reviews. This means that admin will be able to get notified by end-users if some listing or review was created inappropriately by Directory’s Terms & Conditions defined by the admin. Admin can then, analyze these reports and act […]

How do I respond to reviews?

RESPONDING TO REVIEWS Listing Author can manage all received reviews from the front end user dashboard. If you are a Listing Author then log in to the site and refer to the front end user dashboard. Then refer to the following option called > then choose any review and click on text box. Now if […]

Does the Front end Listing description box supports html?

Currently, the Description box supports HTML but only by the admin. As for when using the Front-end Form Submission (FES) users can use the built-in WYSIWYG editor but cannot insert HTML in the description box. Note: Only the FAQs allow inserting HTML.