What Payment Gateways are supported?

The following Payment Gateways are supported as of now:


  • Stripe
    40 countries are supported by Stripe. For the full list of countries go here
  • PayPal Express
    202 countries are supported by PayPal. For the full list of countries go here
  • 2Checkout
    234 countries are supported by 2Checkout. For the full list of countries go here
  • Direct/Wire Transfer 
    This is a manual payment processing option that can be used for any country. It’s also called Bank Account Clearing System (BACS) that requires no payment to be made online. It helps to provide bank wire details to the customer. Once the funds are received the admin will manually approve the transaction.


  • [New] PayFast for South Africa
  • [New] RazorPay for India only
  • [New] PayStack for Africa (Nigeria and Ghana only)
  • [New] PayU for India
  • [New] eWay for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau

If the payment gateway you are looking for is not available above please learn about our Developer-Friendly Payment Hook.

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