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Part 1: How many directories can I build with a single license?

All of the licenses on the Envato Marketplaces are single-use licenses. When you purchase a single license of ListingPro WordPress Directory Theme, you are allowed to use the theme on one single finished directory site.

If you need to use it on a second site or multiple sites, it requires you to purchase a separate regular license for each individual directory site.

For example:

However, in the following scenarios, there is an exception.

Option 1: If you need to install on a Test Server

If you need to install and activate ListingPro on a test server for the same directory site that you plan to build on or move to a production server, then you may have a total of two instances running with the same license as long as the test server is not used as the production site for another project at any time.

Example of Test Site under sub-Domain:

Example of Test Site under sub-Folder:

You must have the test site on the same primary domain of the production site such as mydirectory.com or have it on a local machine to avoid any violation of the license.

Option 2: If you need Multiple sub-directories (under sub-Domains or sub-Folders)

If you are going to install and activate ListingPro on multiple sub-Domains or sub-Folders of the primary domain, then you need only one Regular Licence.

Example of sub-Domain:

Example of sub-Folder:

Option 3: If you activate Multi-Site feature builtin to WordPress.

Multisite is a WordPress feature that allows creating a Network of sub-sites within a single WordPress installation but each sub-site will be under a separate sub-domain but a single primary domain. So if you have purchased a domain name called mydirectory.com and you are going to have multiple sub-domains such as:

For Example:

Then you may purchase a single license for one primary domain (Example: mydirectory.com) and you may have multiple sub-domains (Example: sub1.mydirectory.com) under the same single license that was purchased for the primary domain.

PART 2: Can I monetize (earn) from my directory with Regular License?

The simple answer is YES you can monetize. Before we explain further we would like to clarify that usually there three types of users (personas) in a directory.

User 1: Directory Owner

In most cases, it’s you, the site owner or the administrator who manages the entire backend.

User 2: Business Listing Owner

In most cases, it’s your customer. This is the user who will submit their listing on your directory for Free or Paid Plan. This is the type of user who you can monetize by offering Paid listing plans or charging for Ads spot in your directory.

User 3: Visitor (End User)

This is the end-user which is the Business (Listing) Owner’s customer. This user visits the directory to get necessary information about a business listing such as the phone number, directions, ratings etc. This user may also submit a contact/lead form on any particular listing and may to leave a positive or negative review.

Now you understand all the three different type of users, let us explain how you as the Directory Owner (User 1) can monetize under the Regular license.

a. If the Business Listing Owner (User 2) is allowed to list their business on your directory for a one time fee or a recurring fee, along with charging Business Listing Owner additional fee to further promote their listing by running Ads Campaign.

b. If the Visitor (User 3) which also is considered as the end-users can access the site for free. For example, if the visitor is allowed to visit and access the directory listings and it’s information for free then there is no violation of the Regular license.

It’s uncommon to restrict all visitors from accessing a directory and it’s business listings and only allowing visitors upon paying a one-time or recurring fee. In case your use case requires you to operate your directory in such a way, then you must consult with us regarding the license as you may require an extended license.

For more information please refer the below URLs or contact Envato for further clarification:

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