Can I build a directory with Membership plans?

Yes, you can build a directory and offer memberships through Freemium (Free for a limited time, then upgrade to paid is enforced) or Premium plans right out-of-the-box without any 3rd-party plugin. You can restrict content or features based on different membership plans. You can add unlimited members or membership plans. It includes an intuitive user-dashboard for your members (business or listing owners). Currently, you can accept auto-recurring subscription payment via Stripe only. Also, you can offer Pay-Per-Listing or Package (Bundle) Plan, read more.

Can I use any Third-Party Plugins?

ListingPro was built as an end-to-end solution from scratch so our users don’t have to use third-part plugins. So we officially support a very limited number of 3rd party plugins.

But we do support shortcodes, so you can use any plugin that supports shortcodes, as long as you understand that NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE FOR THIRD-PARTY (3rd-party) plugins that are officially not supported (Also read: What Third-Party plugins are supported?).

How does the Search Bar works?

The Search has many options that will filter the listings in the directory. It can be filtered by exact words and randomly, through the tags/keywords, listing titles, categories, and subcategories. The results can be brought by Google Auto-Location, Admin Database and so on. As an example, you can take a look at this link