Can I earn commission per booking?

The directory admins cannot earn any form of commission per booking. The only earning they can make is from business listing owners directly (paid pricing plan or ads campaign) and not the end-user (visitor).

Is it possible to keep my existing theme, and just use the plugin?

ListingPro is an end-to-end directory solution and not just a plugin. You must use the ListingPro Theme and required plugins included to get the functionality shown in our demos. So if you would like to keep your existing theme then you will have to create a separate directory site either in a sub-domain or a sub-folder.

Why is the page speed slow?

A lot of times users ask us why is your page speed slow (page load time). If you are asking this question you are most likely basing it on testing (PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix) one of our LIVE DEMOS (Example: Live demos are for the purpose of the demo only. We do not optimize our demos for page speed. Page load time has almost nothing to do with the theme. Page load has everything to do with the hosting option, content, images, etc. For more details read the following articles. What should I do to improve my site speed?

Can I build an Airbnb like marketplace?

The simple answer is no it doesn’t fully support building a two-sided Airbnb-like marketplace nor do we have a room booking feature out of the box.

Here’s what is possible:

  1. Enable listing owners (Hosts) to take booking requests by creating a custom lead (booking) form for visitors (Guests).
  2. Enable listing owners (Hosts) to create their own custom lead (booking) form for visitors (Guests).
  3. Accept leads and communicate using the Inbox feature.
  4. Admin can only monetize from listing owners (Hosts), using a pricing plan to add new or claim an existing listing.
  5. Admin can only monetize listing owners (Hosts) by allowing them to promote listings using Ads Campaign.
  6. Admins or listing owners (Hosts) may choose to charge visitors (Guests) using a manual process such as in-person, over the phone or email invoice.

Here’s what’s not possible:

  1. There are no direct payments involved in this process from visitors (Guests).
  2. The directory admins cannot earn any form of commission such as allowing per room booking.
  3. It doesn’t allow directory admins or listing owners (Hosts) to use the built-in checkout system to charge visitors (Guests) directly.

Many users did create Hotel Booking or stripped-down versions of Airbnb like sites. Almost anything is possible by opting for customization to fit your needs, you may also request a free quote here.

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