Can I get a discount?

Only when ListingPro is on sale. During our research, we found out that most of the WordPress Directory Themes do not include all the necessary plugins to create a decent enough directory site without having to purchase additional plugins they may cost you up to $500 to even sometimes even $1500. Whereas ListingPro is an End-to-End Directory Solution (All-in-One) built from the ground up. So you actually pay a small one-time fee of $69 for a solution that saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Can I migrate ListingPro from another theme?

Yes! ListingPro is compatible with WP ALL IMPORT. First, you need to export all your listings as CSV or XML and import it with WP ALL IMPORT. You can also go to the WP ALL IMPORT and check if your current theme is included on their add-ons page.

What is Claim Now?

The Claim Now allows a user to establish the ownership by verifying with the site-admin. Once successfully claimed, a business owner gets a Claimed badge by verifying and establishing their identity as a real business owner to get the most out of a directory. Paid Claim is now available in 2.0 release.


Can I install ListingPro localhost for test purpose?

Sure, you can install ListingPro and also import the demo data without any problems.

To fully enjoy ListingPro on your local machine, you’ll need to follow the setup steps shown on your WordPress dashboard.

Don’t forget to use your purchase code to validate the theme and plugins needed.