Can I get a demo access to try?

Follow the links below to get access to the front-end and back-end of ListingPro

Demo Backend:
User: demo
Pass: demo

This demo access is for testing purpose only. The demo will reset periodically without any notice.

You may also be interested to check out some Live Example Case-Studies of directories built with ListingPro.

Does your system work with WP Job Manager?

You don’t need WP Job Manager. We have developed our own built-in competitive system for specifically to create Directory & Listing site with ListingPro. Whereas WP Job Manager was designed for job-board functionality sites and not a directory sites in mind.

Why should I choose ListingPro over the other popular theme?

In most directory themes you just pay for the theme or very basic functionality and then you will have to purchase several external plugins sometimes from various different authors and get it all working together comes a nightmare as if you run into an issue every plugin author will tend to point fingers at each other and you end up spending tons of dollars on a directory site that doesn’t work as expected.

During our research, we found out that most of the WordPress Directory Themes which are priced around $60-$90 do not include all the necessary plugins to create a decent enough directory site without having to purchase additional plugins they may cost you up to $700 to sometimes even $1500+.

We wanted to create something that a user can purchase and doesn’t have to worry about any additional plugins for building a directory listing site with core directory listing features and we tried our best to do exactly that.

We built a Mega-Powerful All-in-One extension that will allow you to add listing from front-end and back-end, users can claim a listing from front-end and admin can accept or reject from the backend, admin can generate income by charging users upon upgrading to paid listing or even when they like to promote their listing via ads. I can keep on going for several hours about what ListingPro can do.  If you are still not convinced that’s ok. Check out what’s some of the industry leaders has to say. [WATCH VIDEO]


Does it include an Android or iOS Mobile App?

There is no native Andriod or iOS mobile app included. It includes advance responsive version, Mobile X (App View). The built-in Mobile X version gives mobile App Like experience on the most popular mobile browsers. If you really need a native mobile app for ListingPro you can check out a 3rd part plugin here. This is not an official ListingPro product nor do we provide any support for it.

What Payment Gateways are supported?

The following Payment Gateways are supported as of now:

  • PayPal (Recurring Supported)
  • Stripe (Recurring Supported)
  • 2Checkout

Only PayPal Express is supported. WooCommerce Payment Gateway is not supported. If you would like to request another payment then please request quote here.

Is WooCommerce Supported?

WooCommerce is not supported officially. Currently, we have no plans to integrate it officially. We have built our own checkout process for Paid Listings and Ads. To understand more our mission and goal on why we haven’t included WooCommerce as default, you can check the following article. If you really need to integrate with WooCommerce you can request a free quote for custom integration here.