How does the Search work?

  • Our IntelliSense based Search is the next-generation archive search system giving instant live suggestions for keywords, categories, listing name, and even in combinations (tags in category).
  • The Location search is City (region) based. Cities can be added manually or automated with Google Maps API.
  • In addition, when a user searches for something it can also take them to an archived page with all the listings containing the most relevant data according to their search, giving them the best possible results.
  • The advanced search algorithm is designed from ground-up to dramatically change the behavior based on the way the directory admin has configured the settings in Theme Options > Search > Search Mode (Exact or Broad).
  • For example, the search can be either static, were if the user type in car, only the listing that has the word car in it will show, or have your search more dynamic were if user type in the word car they can get listings that also have words such as auto, automobile, workshop, etc.

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