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First, we’d like to immensely thank you for such interest in helping us expand even more our Github translated files.

In order to send us your translated files, it’s important to check if the following requirements were accomplished.

  • The files were translated into a standard grammar (also without slangs).
  • The files have been updated to the latest version of ListingPro: (.po & .mo files sync in loco translate and updated)
  • Have completed at least 85% of the translated files (including both – Theme & Plugin).

How can I proceed and help ListingPro Team?

  • Download the latest version of ListingPro (You must be a purchased user).
  • Translate using Loco Translate or Locally (Example using PoEdit).
  • Send us the translated files for both Theme and Plugins (Include both .po and .mo files).

To send file go to our ThemeForest Profile, and send us an email in the form right below. (Click Here)

What do I get helping you with the translation?

If we get a translation files for any language that meets our expectation and is at least 70% translated and if we decide to post it on our GitHub we will give you up to 75% rebate for your purchase upon providing us proof of purchase and also give you credit by mentioning your name and the URL where you have used the translation. Your site may also be featured on our case studies page.