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How to contribute translation with a my language for ListingPro?

First, we’d like to immensely thank you for such interest in helping us expand even more our Github translated files. In order to send us your translated files, it’s important to check if the following requirements were accomplished. The files were translated into a standard grammar (also without slangs). The files have been updated to […]

Where to download my language translation?

If your language is available, follow these steps: STEP 1: Go to Github Localization Repository. STEP 2: Click on  button. STEP 3: Click on  STEP 4: Unzip the file and only keep your language folder and delete the rest. STEP 5: Upload (via cPanel or FTP) the and files into the following folders respectively. /wp-content/themes/listingpro/languages /wp-content/plugins/listingpro-plugin/languages STEP […]

How to translate ListingPro?

  This article covers the following: How to install Loco Translate Plugin? How to Translate Theme? How to Translate Plugin? PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: PART 1: INSTALL LOCO TRANSLATE STEP 1: Login to WordPress admin dashboard. STEP 2: Go to > STEP 3: Search for Loco Translate, and click . STEP 4: Click  PART 2: TRANSLATE THEME STEP […]